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Value Added Services

People & Technology

The graphic arts and converting segments of our industry have become commodity marketplaces.  Limited resources, in terms of expertise and bandwith, have become the result.  Clifford has leveraged proprietary technology solutions to offer increased value to our clients and suppliers.  In concert with our seasoned customer service team, Clifford has developed unique, customer programs which optimize efficacy and efficiency through increased transparency,  The outcome is improved inventory turns, optimizations of cash flows while minimizing effort from our supply chain partners.

A few examples of supply chain optimizations:

  • VMI- Vendor Managed Inventory

  • Custom ERP solution

  • Procurement Strategies

  • Customized reporting

  • Production Workflow analysis / optimization

  • Cycle time reduction

  • Consolidated Billing

  • Focused Warehouse Solutions

  • Consignment / Stocking programs

  • Print Management Analytics

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